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Category Archives: Personal

Boston :: Providence :: Pics

I finally got to go to Boston/Providence.  I have always wanted to go to Providence because of the movie “Outside Providence” Pawtucket specifically, its actually pronounced “p’tucket”  I did see a few water towers, but none that looked like the one from the movie.  Pawtucket was surprisingly colorful, I was there during the fall so...

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Montezuma’s Well

We decided to take a day trip up to Montezuma’s well, it is a sink hole that has an underwater spring that feeds an underground river, it is an amazing place.  The park was very well kept and it made me realize that my taxes are going to at least 1 good cause.  Montezuma’s well...

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The Famous Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoe Skate Park

I was randomly near Kettering, Ohio (Rob’s hometown) and thought I would look up his skatepark.  I would imagine not many people just stop in to the DC Shoe skate park from the west coast, yet here I was.  The park had a pretty cool vibe, I went at sunset so there weren’t many local...

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A New Bundle of Joy

We’d like to welcome a new “bundle” of joy to the family.  Since our recent loss the house has felt so empty, till now.  Not shortly after we lost our beloved XBox, a new one was purchased.  (Litterally the same day…. )

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St. Louis Zoo, Yep It’s In St. Louis

I went to the St. Louis Zoo a couple months back.  One cool thing about this zoo is that its free to get in, the only zoo I have ever been to that was free.  St. Louis had the foresight of creating the “central park” style city.  They put a huge .64 square mile park...

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