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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the official Blake Slade Photographer's blog.  We decided to revamp this site and make it a business/personal blog. Here is some personal stuff...

Jedd's Likes :: Arizona :: The Legend of Zelda :: Being Outdoors :: The Internet :: Business :: Jacobs Ladder at Santa Monica Pier :: The Caribbean :: Culture :: Mexico :: Playing Guitar :: Anything Spy Related :: Competition :: Leaving Clothes on The Floor :: and of course... PHOTOGRAPHY

Jedd's Hates :: Back Stabbing :: Dogs Digging Up Back Yard :: Being Hungry :: Stressful People :: High Maintenance People :: Sore Throats

Casi's Likes :: Hiking :: Super Nintendo :: My Two Dogs :: Cleaning :: Painting :: Road Trips :: Yoga :: Volleyball :: Organizing :: Wind Chimes :: Turtles :: Vacations :: Family :: Tum Nak Thai Food :: Being Around Water :: Tea

Casi's Hates :: Clothes Left on The Floor :: The Smell of Copper :: Ladybugs :: Long Black Socks ::Goosebumps :: Having to Pee :: Movies That Having Torturing In It

“I’m Going To Jackson”

As I was driving through Jackson Mississippi listening to Johnny Cash, I thought to myself… this couldn’t possibly be the city he was talking about, sure enough it is.  I think the most interesting part of that city was listening to the song while driving down the main drag…


Superstition Mountain Park

Way past Apache Junction there are a lot of really cool places for day trips.  Take Idaho road out toward Canyon Lake and there are a lot of old buildings and churches from the mining era.  Goldfield ghost town is out that way, it is right at the base of the Superstitions.  Go a little further up the road from Goldfield and you will run into the park, there are a lot of hikes and day use areas.


February 12, 2009 - 5:47 pm Ashlee - Wow Jedd, I love this shot...amazing!

February 16, 2009 - 10:15 am admin - Thanks Ash! Me and Casi decided to take the camera out... hope things are good with you guys!

Montezuma’s Well

We decided to take a day trip up to Montezuma’s well, it is a sink hole that has an underwater spring that feeds an underground river, it is an amazing place.  The park was very well kept and it made me realize that my taxes are going to at least 1 good cause.  Montezuma’s well had a lot of remnants of the indian adobe homes in the side wall.  The sink hole and spring led into a beautiful river that was surrounded by fall colors, it had an amazing feel to it.  Here are a couple snap shots…


The Famous Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoe Skate Park

I was randomly near Kettering, Ohio (Rob’s hometown) and thought I would look up his skatepark.  I would imagine not many people just stop in to the DC Shoe skate park from the west coast, yet here I was.  The park had a pretty cool vibe, I went at sunset so there weren’t many local skaters left.  When I end up at a place I have only seen on TV I get this weird feeling like I am actually going to see the person from TV.  If you have ever been to a place you have only seen on TV, you know what I mean, location struck I guess.  It was kind of cool being at a place named after the funniest guy on TV.


A New Bundle of Joy

elite-xboxWe’d like to welcome a new “bundle” of joy to the family.  Since our recent loss the house has felt so empty, till now.  Not shortly after we lost our beloved XBox, a new one was purchased.  (Litterally the same day…. )