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Superstition Mountain Park

Way past Apache Junction there are a lot of really cool places for day trips.  Take Idaho road out toward Canyon Lake and there are a lot of old buildings and churches from the mining era.  Goldfield ghost town is out that way, it is right at the base of the Superstitions.  Go a little...

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Montezuma’s Well

We decided to take a day trip up to Montezuma’s well, it is a sink hole that has an underwater spring that feeds an underground river, it is an amazing place.  The park was very well kept and it made me realize that my taxes are going to at least 1 good cause.  Montezuma’s well...

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Fossil Springs Sept 08

We took a camping trip this last weekend to one of our favorite places.  We were overrun halfway through the trip by a youth group of 75 people.  Up to that point it was magical.

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The Dagger (Adam and Jen’s Cabin)

I went up to my friend Adam Bruce’s Cabin over the labor day weekend.  This is his company’s website Ultimate Landscapes LLC. He was kind enough to ask me to go and have a guys weekend.  It is near Nutrioso, AZ, about a 4 hour drive from the valley, WELL worth the drive.  It is...

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Trip to Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee is a small mining town about 3 hours south of Phoenix. They don’t actually mine anymore, they stopped work on all 2500 miles of mine shafts back in 74. Its biggest employer is now Safeway. Its on the border of Arizona and Mexico. This is definitely one of the coolest trips we have been...

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