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Our Equipment. 2 Nikon D200
1 Nikon D70
1 70-200 VR Nikkor Lens
1 17-55 2.8 Nikkor Lens
1 28-105 Sigma
3 SB-800 Flashes
A Couple filters
Powerex AA Batteries
General Wedding Photography information for Photographers.
4/10/07 Here are a few things that I have learned while shooting weddings. Always check your camera settings especially after changing areas with different lighting, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, and even white balance. I shot an entire wedding in 1000 ISO, not fun. If you are using off camera flash, be sure you have a couple spare odd sized batteries that go into your transmitter. Formally introduce yourself to the bridesmaids, they will be your next bookings! Be nice and smile, if your not having a good time, suck it up and act like you are. As photographers we need to create a fun atmosphere and not bring personal problems into an already somewhat stressful situation. Enjoy what you do, there is nothing like being able to work for yourself and actually like what you do for work, not many people can say that. The bride always gets stressed, do all you can do help her enjoy her day more and in turn you will be rewarded with a bride that isn't high strung... sometimes. Not all weddings are going to go just as planned, in fact they hardly every will. Part of the job is improvisation and going with the flow. I remember one time, I arrived early as usual to stake out a few good places to shoot the formals. There was a beautiful place under a huge tree that had just enough shade for a couple of hours and according to the time line there should have been plenty of time. Someone that the bride knew for years but didn't expect, arrived and they chatted for an hour and a half. No more perfect light, I got a little t.o.'d, but I just had to learn to roll with it. We ended up doing the shot in the sun.
4/18/07 Make sure when you are setting up to shoot the wedding that you synchronize all the camera clocks. This is something that seems to always slip my mind, especially when I have a new assistant shooting with me. I use a program called DIM by Allen Light that pulls the images off the compact flash cards, renames them in a date and time format, this way makes it so much easier to sort the images into their respective folders.
4/19 A difference between the d100 and the d70 is that there is no built in commander mode to control the remote flashes. It is not even possible to use the SB-800 as commander to control the other remote flashes with the d100, but you can with the d70. When taking pictures inside with only the overhead lights on the pictures turn out yellow, it is a problem with the light balance. It was discovered that it does this only when the white balance is set to auto. Change the white balance to the "PRE" setting and take the picture. It also happens on the d100 and not the d70.
5/21/07 Making the bride and groom comfortable is such an important thing. The wedding we just shot felt so good, I think it is because of how we (the photographers) and the b & g related. We got the groom to loosen up a bit and the bride to show off a beautiful smile. I'm not a huge fan of group formals, but this wedding I learned to nail them out really quickly. I put them under some shade, put two remote flashes on either side (one with a mobile soft box, a little something I learned from Gino's dvds.) It is nice to have a second or third shooter. I had Steve Davis from California with me for this last wedding, he got some great shots. We normally shoot a 2 photographer wedding, but it was really nice having a third, especially when you get along great with him/her. Always tell the bride that you will get her the pictures a week after when you really think they will be done, because if you get them to her earlier, your an angel.
6/24/07 Ok, so it has been a while since I have written anything here. In taking pictures for our blog I noticed something, don't ever buy a point and shoot that doesn't have the ability to go fully manual. My camera, the panasonic DMC TZ3 only has different presets that do not allow me to manually enter in the settings, it drives me crazy. We went camping to Fossil Springs this last weekend and had a great time, but the last few pictures didn't turn out because we were trying some of the new presets, pretty aggravating.
7/13/07 I found a solution for the whole checking your ISO all the time problem, well for Nikon users anyway. I don't think Canon has the ability yet, but are going to come out with it in their new 7D. There is an auto ISO adjustment in the menu. You can change what you want your max ISO to be and what your minimum shutter speed is.
7/18/07 I just shot a wedding in Cancun with Gino and Heather Lucadamo of Story by Photo, I learned that if you need to take pictures outside where there is a strong back light and you cannot expose to the background and fill flash (for example, we were in the shade of the hotel for the ceremony but with the ocean in the background) use spot metering and over expose about a stop, the background will be blown out but the subject should have a great exposure.
General Wedding Photography information for everyone.
4/10/07 When looking for a photographer for your wedding check websites to see portfolios. Do searches in google, msn, altavista, kudzu, and yahoo to see if they show up in the top couple pages, if they are, it most likely means that they are established. If you like the website and portfolio pictures that you see send an email or call the photographer and provide details for your special day. With details most wedding photographers can quote you a price for their service. You should have a budget that you would like to stay within, keep that in mind. Let the photographer what your budget is so he/she can put together a specialized package. You should be able to get an idea of what a photographer charges from their website. I am writing this to a somewhat technology savvy person, so you should know how to find information on the Internet and do basic searches on search engines. I will take my town as an example, I live in the Phoenix Valley. A bride in my area should type in the search engines (any) “Phoenix Wedding Photographer” to pull up a very specific list of Wedding Photographers in Phoenix, Arizona. You will also run into websites that refer you to Wedding Photographers. A lot of times these websites collect your information and sell it to a couple different photographers, which is how they make their money. With basic Internet searching skills you should be able to navigate around them and go right to the source. By finding us, you help us not use as much money in marketing, passing that saving onto you. A lot of people think “just because a company is a wedding vendor they think that they can charge a lot of money for the service” which is not true. I can justify what I charge by the amount of time that I spend on a wedding. Contrary to popular belief, weddings are not just a one day six to eight hour event. We have to prepare our equipment the night before, shoot the day of, and process the pictures. Processing of the pictures takes the most time. It consists of organizing, editing, and finishing the images. Look for a photographer that has what you think your style is. Many people have different ideas on what they want their final images to look like, go through the on-line galleries of photographic artists in your area and choose the one that fits you best.

This is a list of the places where we can shoot your wedding. 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